COVID-19 Update – 22nd September

As the state is continuing to gradually open up businesses to the public, we wanted to update you on how North Shore Veterinary Hospital is responding to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and how you can help us to keep us all as safe and healthy as possible.

For the past 10 weeks, we have split our team in two and have been working on a week-on, week-off basis.  This has allowed us to limit exposure and to self-quarantine for 9 days out of every 14.  As a result of reduced staffing as well as restrictions on elective procedures from the Governor, we have had a significant reduction in appointment times available for our clients.

The Governor has loosened the restrictions on elective procedures and beginning in July, we will be bringing our entire team back together, now that Covid-19 testing is more readily available and we can better test and trace any exposure that might occur with our staff.  This should significantly increase our available appointments.

In addition, we have added another doctor to our staff, which will further increase our available appointments.  We would like you to help welcome our newest veterinarian, Dr. Katelyn Supinski.  Many of you have met Katelyn over the years, as she worked with us as an assistant before she went to veterinary school and she has worked here over the summers during her veterinary school years.  We are very happy to have Dr. Supinski as part of our NSVH family!

As you know, we have been limiting our exposure (and yours) by utilizing curbside care.  We do not allow clients into our facility at this time.  This significantly reduces exposure and also keeps appointments flowing in a timely manner.  While we miss the personal contact with you, we continue to feel that this is the safest approach to care at this time.  We also are all wearing masks at all times in the hospital as well as when we come out to your car.

We plan to continue curbside care for the foreseeable future, even as our full team comes back together.  We ask your patience and understanding, as we are doing this for your safety as well as for ours.  In order to make this system work most efficiently, we ask the following of you:

  1. PLEASE DO NOT COME INTO OUR FACILITY.  When you arrive at the hospital, please call us to let us know you are here.  We continue to have people come to the door and even enter our facility, despite numerous signs asking you to stay in your car and wait for us.
  2. Bring your phone and make sure it is charged.  We will spend a good deal of time on the phone with you during your visit and having a phone available is important.  We now have phones in every exam room, so we are able to maintain an open line with you during the exam to give you real-time information and maintain dialogue about your pet.
  3. Please do not take other phone calls during your appointment.  It is amazing how often we are unable to make contact with clients out in their cars because they are talking on the phone to someone else!
  4. Make sure all pets are on a leash or in a carrier.  Pets MUST be in a carrier or on a leash.  Our staff may instruct you to place the carrier outside of the vehicle or to stand outside with your pet on a leash.
  5. Please respect social distancing!  When we are out interacting with you, please give us appropriate space and we will do the same for you.
  6. Please wear a mask while we are out at your car.  We will be wearing masks to limit your exposure from us, please help protect us as well!
  7. Please call well ahead of time for prescription requests.  With our limited staff, it takes time to get prescriptions approved and set up.  Please do not wait until you are out of medications to call us for a refill!
  8. For euthanasia appointments, we will allow entry into our facility, but only with the following conditions:
    • Call us when you arrive and we will come get you and bring you into our facility
    • Please limit the number of people who are present.
    • We require you to wear masks when you are in our facility.

We know that these circumstances are less than ideal, but together we can make sure that your visit goes smoothly and that we all stay safe and healthy.  We look forward to the day we can allow you all back in our facility, but until that time, we want you to be comfortable knowing that we are continuing to focus on Fear Free care and are providing your pets with the most peaceful and stress-free visit possible.