COVID-19 Pandemic Update

Updated Euthanasia Procedures –11/12/20

As the Covid-19 pandemic has surged dramatically over the past few weeks, we have been forced to re-evaluate our procedures and interactions in an attempt to minimize the risk to our team and to continue to provide you the best possible care for your animal companions.

As you know, we have been providing curbside care since March and while we miss having all of your faces inside our hospital, there is no question that we will have to continue this method of delivering care through the winter months ahead.

The one exception to curbside care has been euthanasia. Because the loss of a beloved animal companion is such a meaningful and emotional experience, we have allowed family members into our hospital to participate in this process. We have tried to perform this procedure outdoors as often as possible, but with the impending winter, this ceases to be an option.

Unfortunately, this procedure also creates a higher likelihood of Covid transmission for our staff and for our clients. The most effective way to protect us all would be to stop allowing people to be present for euthanasia appointments, but we feel we can avoid this dramatic step and can make adjustments to make it safer for everyone.

Effective immediately, we will put the following procedures in place in order to minimize our risk (and yours), but still allow you to have some participation in the euthanasia event.

  • Once you arrive, please call us per our normal curbside procedures.
  • We will take payment over the phone and then will come out to your car to have you sign euthanasia release and cremation forms.
  • When ready, we will allow two (2) people to come into our facility with the pet for the euthanasia procedure.
  • Masks must be worn at all times and must stay over both mouth and nose.
  • We will come into the room to give a sedative injection. This injection allows your pet to gradually ease into a deep plane of sedation/anesthesia over 5-10 minutes. We will leave the room after the injection and you will be able to spend this time with your companion as they lose consciousness.
  • Once your companion is no longer aware of their surroundings and you are ready, you will press the doorbell that we have for you in the room to alert us that you are done saying goodbye.
  • We will come back to the room and you will then exit. We will stay with your pet and perform the final injection after you have left.

We are huge advocates of the Human-Animal Bond and we have no desire to prevent people from participating in the euthanasia process. For the time being, we feel these steps are necessary to minimize the risk of exposure to this potentially deadly disease, while still allowing you to be a part of this meaningful and emotional time.

We sincerely hope you understand why we must take these steps and that you will support these changes as they are necessary for the health and safety of all.

We look forward to providing continued care to you and your family companions!

Stay healthy and be safe!

The doctors and staff of North Shore Veterinary Hospital.