We are a passionate team of animal lovers who just happen to be exceptionally talented veterinary professionals. We understand what your dog or cat means to you. And we are reimagining a better future for you two to share, together. Now, meet the team at your side.


Michael Hargrove

Dr. Hargrove was raised in Colorado, initially on a dairy farm, but then he grew up as a city kid surrounded by animals. From around the 8th grade, he volunteered at a mixed animal veterinary practice where he gained valuable veterinary experience, but by the time he started vet school, he had decided that he would concentrate on companion animals.

While in vet school at Colorado State University, he joined a national society (then known as the Delta Society) devoted to the connections and interactions between people and animals. He went on to co-found a community group (Larimer Animal People Partnership) and a student group (Students for Human/Animal Relationships and Education – SHARE) whose main purposes were to educate about and celebrate the bond between people and animals.

After graduation, he was employed as an associate veterinarian at Lakeland Veterinary Hospital in Brainerd, MN. In January of 1993, he moved to Duluth and joined the staff at North Shore Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Hargrove joined NSVH because of the work Dr. Larry Anderson and Dr. Daphne Hall had done to develop a practice culture that recognized and celebrated the human-animal bond.

Dr. Hargrove became a partner in NSVH in 2004 and has been the sole owner since 2009. His goal has always been to continue to develop the culture of compassion and high quality care that recognizes and supports the unique role each pet plays in the life of their human companions.

Kay Boucher

Dr. Boucher and her husband have three grown children and two canine kids at home along with two horses in the country. The canines are Golden Retrievers who love to run with her in the woods and keep her company while she gardens. Her animal companions keep her grounded and make her laugh every day. People often ask Dr. Boucher if she does surgery on her own animals and she replies “every week!” That always brings a puzzled look, so she explains that when a patient is in surgery, it is always ‘her pet’. If there is ever a question of how to proceed, she asks herself “is this what I would do for Cisco?” If the answer is yes, she continues with confidence. So the answer is yes, she does surgery on her own pets all the time.

Ann Lind

Dr. Lind grew up in the Twin Cities. She graduated from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN in 1996 and then attended the University of MN’s College of Veterinary Medicine in St. Paul, graduating in 2002. She completed her Internship at a busy, small animal referral hospital in Oradell, NJ, then Moved back to MN spending five years working as a small animal veterinarian in Forest Lake before moving to Duluth. Ann started working at NSVH in 2007.

Looking back at old school work, Ann found a book that she made in kindergarten complete with illustrations of cats and dogs saying that she wanted to grow up to be a veterinarian. In high school when she realized how much schooling was needed, the idea drifted from her thoughts. Dr. Lind still took mostly science classes in college, but graduated without a clear path for a future. She spent a season as a wildlife biologist in southern CA. She fit in a lot of outdoor camping adventures through YMCA camps and personal camping trips as well and thought she might work as an outdoor guide or teacher.

Dr. Lind was reunited with the idea of becoming a veterinarian when her beloved black lab, Duchess (whom she got when she was 10 years old after hard negotiation with her parents to only watch Chanel 2/public television for 3 years in order to get her!) got sick while her parents were away. Dr. Lind was then faced with the decisions for care for Duchess. She was impressed with the compassion that the veterinarian had for Duchess and for Dr. Lind herself. Her eyes were also opened to advanced surgeries and care for pets that she never thought could be done in animal medicine. That experience made her realize that four more years of school with tests and lectures might be worth it to have a career working with and caring for animals. Dr. Lind applied to vet school and her course was quickly paved.

She has never regretted her decision to go to vet school. She loves all of the challenges, humility, and triumphs this job brings. She enjoys the feeling after finishing a hard day of physically and emotionally exhausting work knowing that she made a difference for some little furry friend to make their life a little bit easier, healthier. And besides, who can resist a full body tail wag or a kitty head-butt and tail shake?

Ellen Andersen

Dr. Andersen grew up in Bayport, MN east of the Twin Cities. Her love of animals started at a very young age – her preschool was called “Farm School” and introduced her to all sorts of animals. Also, at home, were black labs and two cats. This helped to foster a love of all animals, big and small. From ages 5-26, Dr. Andersen was actively involved with horses – riding and showing. She chose to spend most of her weekends and evenings with her two horses, enjoying the freedom and excitement she felt while out riding and jumping. After high school, Dr. Andersen majored in biology at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. There she met her husband, Craig. He introduced her to the North Shore. His hometown is Tofte, MN and she fell in love with the area. Veterinary school took her to Edinburgh, Scotland for four years, where she discovered her passion for companion animal medicine. Scotland was an amazing experience; however Minnesota was calling her home.

Dr. Andersen’s interests include: cooking, hiking, canoeing, camping, reading, cross country & downhill skiing, traveling, and just about anything else that can take her outdoors.

Two adorable cats were found in the fall of 2010 which were added to Dr. Andersen’s family. They are wonderful cats, who enjoy spending time on the deck looking out on the lake, getting belly rubs, playing with toys, and using the kitty condos. One of the kitties was extra lovey/cuddly at night during Dr. Andersen’s pregnancy and the whole family recently welcomed a baby girl into their lives.

Emmily Bergstedt

Dr. Emmily grew up in Superior, WI. She received her Bachelors of Science, majoring in Animal Science from the University of Minnesota in 2007. She went on to graduate from Ross University of Veterinary Medicine, located on the island of St. Kitts, in 2011. St. Kitts was beautiful, but it could never replace the seasons of Minnesota.

Dr. Emmily has a special interest in veterinary acupuncture and offers this traditional Chinese practice alongside conventional Western medical practices.

She has two beautiful pups in her life that she calls her “terror terriers”, both of them were adopted. There is always a special bond when you open your heart to an animal that is looking for their forever place in life. Dr. Emmily loves to spend time with her quarter horse that she adopted at the age of 13. They have a very special friendship that extends to a lifelong bond.

Jaimi Johnson

Dr. Johnson was born in Madison, WI and raised primarily in Battle Lake, MN. After graduating from veterinary school, she spent a year as an intern at Colorado State University, focusing on veterinary medicine and surgery in animal shelters. Dr. Johnson’s interests in veterinary medicine include preventive medicine, endocrine diseases, dermatology, dentistry, soft tissue surgery, and behavior. In her time away from the clinic she enjoys cooking, hiking, canoeing, traveling, and cheering for the Green Bay Packers.

Companion animals have always been an important part of Dr. Johnson’s life, and her first pet was a cat named Gizmo whom her family adopted her second day of second grade. She also grew up with another cat and two couch-loving black labs. Dr. Johnson now shares a home with two (former) shelter cats named Sydney and Lambeau. Her bond with her animals has taught her valuable lessons in empathy and compassion. She loves that her job allows her the ability to nurture the bond that people have with their own pets.

Lisa Juten

Dr. Lisa was born and raised in Duluth. As an East High School student at age 16, she came to NSVH to job shadow Dr. Boucher; that experience lit a spark and opened a door. During her pre-vet undergrad years at UMD she cleaned our kennels and eventually moved up to a veterinary assistant position in our hospital. After graduation, and as a mother of a 9-month old baby, she headed vet school at the U of M. She still spent summers as a veterinary assistant at NSVH and even completed her externship with us, adding two more babies to her family as she went! Upon graduation in 2013 she was hired at a private practice and worked there until 2017 when she joined NSVH. She is thrilled to be in the practice where she grew up and we are so happy to have her back!

Dr. Lisa Juten loves the challenges that being a veterinarian brings and that not one day is the same. She enjoys working with her clients to help form a bond with their pet and strives to offer fun exams, creating a comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

Outside of the hospital she has a full and busy life! A fourth baby was added to her family in December of 2016. Lisa, her husband, and their children love to spend time playing outdoors; swimming, biking, hiking, 4-wheeling, sledding, and downhill skiing. They have two beautiful Springer Spaniels; 10-year old Kelo and 2-year old “monster” Suki who both love to be a part of this active family. Her years balancing family and education have helped her learn perspective and what is really important in life – an amazing skill she is grateful to have!

Katelyn Supinski

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“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

-Anatole France

Care Team


Practice Manager

Clara grew up in Duluth and went to college at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities. She adopted a calico kitten from Animal Allies in 2009 and named her Rory, after a Gilmore Girl. Since then, Clara has enjoyed Rory’s companionship and insistent snuggling through countless Netflix binges and video game sessions. In 2015 Clara adopted a mixed breed puppy named Robin, who loves stealing socks, running in the woods, and visiting the receptionists at NSVH (because they give out the best treats). Clara started working for NSVH as a veterinary assistant in 2015, and became the manager in 2018.


Patient Care Coordinator

Bonnie has worked at North Shore Veterinary Hospital for close to two decades. She has seen many changes over the years in how we treat our patients not only medically but emotionally. She is proud to work at a practice that is very open to learning new techniques in all aspects of veterinary medicine in order to provide the very best in care. Bonnie feels that the best part of her job over the years is the bonds she has formed with so many clients and their pets. For some, she has been able to share in the lives of generations of companions from puppy/kittenhood until their ripe old ages. This has brought her great joy. It is a pleasure for Bonnie to help clients love and care for their pets.


Patient Care Coordinator

Carleen joined the team here at NSVH in June 2012. She lives on a hobby farm raising grass fed beef cattle. She enjoys riding her 28 year old quarter horse, Soot. She also enjoys long walks and cross country skiing with her two rescue dogs, Scout the Australian Shepherd mix, and Sadie the little Terrier mix.


Veterinary Assistant

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Veterinary Assistant

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Veterinary Assistant

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Certified Veterinary Technician

Debby joined us in February 1996 and again in November 1999 after a “sabbatical” in Nevada/Montana. Debby is a Certified Veterinary Technician who earned her Associate of Applied Science degree in Veterinary Technology from the Medical Institute of Minnesota in 1995. Debby also has a B.S. in Elementary Education from Western Montana College and is a loyal Vikings fan!!


Certified Veterinary Technician

Amy has been a technician since 1992. She is married with (currently) five fur children- two Lab/Golden Retrievers and three cats, although that number changes quite often! She has been a technician for so long that sometimes people wonder how she stays so passionate about her job. Her secret? Fall a little bit in love with every single patient whether it’s that cute kitten or the grizzled, old, white-faced dog. Every animal has something loveable about them and Amy feels it is her job to find out what it is. Throughout the years, she has learned so much from all the animals in her life and cannot imagine being anyone else!


Certified Veterinary Technician

Sarah is a born and raised, proud Minnesotan. She has her BA in Sociology and her Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology. She lives in Duluth with her husband, Al, and her sons, William and Finley. They adopted a wonderful mutt in 2015 named Yuna who loves to play and snuggle with the boys. In her free time, Sarah enjoys running, chasing her children around, spending time at the lake, and reading.


Certified Veterinary Technician

Toni has lived on the North Shore her entire life and has been a Vet Tech here at NSVH since graduating from DBU in 2013. She became a CVT in the winter of 2013. Toni has always loved, admired, and respected all animals. During her childhood, she had a variety of pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, mice, rats, and an iguana) which she considered part of her family. Toni married her best friend, Jason, in 2013. Today her family continues to be a menagerie of pets including dogs, cats, snakes, and tortoises. Outside of work, Toni enjoys camping and fishing in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter.


Certified Veterinary Technician

Lisa has been a Certified Veterinary Technician for 10 years and has worked at veterinary hosiptals in the following places: Atlanta, GA, Clemson, SC, Athens, GA (University of Georgia veterinary teaching hospital), Madison, WI (University of Wisconsin veterinary teaching hospital) and Eau Claire, WI.

She LOVES working with cats, especially those who experience anxiety when coming to the veterinary hospital, and was recently certified in Fear Free care.

Lisa moved to Duluth with her husband Mike and three cats (Clemson, Georgia and Scotch).


Certified Veterinary Technician

Judy graduated with a degree in Veterinary Technology from Medical Institute of Minnesota (now Argosy University) in 1973. In 2000 she obtained her certification in Veterinary Massage and Rehabilitation Therapy and in 2005 Judy was named Minnesota Technician of the Year in 2005! Judy joined the NSVH team in 2003, bringing years of knowledge, experience, and skill along with her special training in massage and rehab which she uses daily with our hospitalized patients – a tremendous asset to NSVH! Judy has three cats, Misty, Guido, and Yoki, all of which came into her life in a unique way that demonstrate Judy’s open heart.


Certified Veterinary Technician

Chelsea resides along the North Shore on her hobby farm with a variety of animals ranging from dogs, cats, and horses to chickens, ducks, bunnies, and goats. The majority of the animals on her farm were rescues that Chelsea has enjoyed watching blossom over time. Chelsea spends most of her free time riding horse and hiking with her dogs on the abundance of trails in the area. There is nothing she loves more than exploring nature with her animals; it is such a bonding experience. Chelsea also enjoys spending time with her family, fishing, and riding in horse shows.


Certified Veterinary Technician

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Certified Veterinary Technician

Susie has lived in Duluth for over 30 years and has made it her home. She enjoys working with animals and has been a vet tech since 2013. Susie has a cat and two rabbits, with whom she enjoys a lot of playtime.


Veterinary Technician

Tanya grew up on the Range and has resided in Duluth since 2010. She grew up on a farm and loved spending time around all sorts of animals. Tanya has a border collie/springer spaniel mix named Stewart and a black cat named Louis. Tanya enjoys hiking and swimming with Stewart – it is his favorite thing to do!


Veterinary Technician

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