A Better Visit

At North Shore Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to providing your pet a visit that is as free of fear, anxiety and stress (FAS) as possible. A visit that is comfortable and relaxed will contribute to the health and well-being of your animal companion. Animals that experience FAS during veterinary visits are less likely to return for future wellness exams and may only come in when experiencing illness. A stressed or fearful pet may result in limited physical exams, a decreased ability to perform diagnostic tests and even slower recovery from illness. Your pet’s health is our highest priority, so addressing and reducing fear is an essential component in that process.

We know that we can’t make every visit completely free of FAS, but we will make every effort we can to reduce the FAS related to examinations and procedures. Our efforts to reduce FAS involve facility improvements as well as staff education and training. Here is what you can expect from a visit to North Shore Veterinary Hospital:

Built For Their Experience

Our greeter will take you directly to an exam room, so that you can wait for your veterinary team where it is quiet and comfortable.

Our floors are rubber-based and are not-slippery, even when wet

We know that getting on the scale can be stressful for dogs, so we have made it easy for them to walk right on without fear of needing to get up onto an uncomfortable surface.

Dogs and cats have different needs, so our species-specific rooms are thoughtfully designed to best meet their needs.

When medical procedures need to be performed, we provide separate treatment areas for dogs and cats, to further reduce their stress.

When animals need to stay at our hospital, we have species-specific areas for them to stay. These areas utilize calming pheromone diffusers and calming music.

Our design of the dog and cat spaces included the use of colors designed to reduce FAS.

All of our dog and cat rooms have species-specific pheromone aromatherapy diffusers, which emit calming substances into the air.

Pet friendly music is present throughout the facility to provide a calming effect.