Dr. Andersen grew up in Bayport, MN east of the Twin Cities. Her love of animals started at a very young age – her preschool was called “Farm School” and introduced her to all sorts of animals. Also, at home, were black labs and two cats. This helped to foster a love of all animals, big and small. From ages 5-26, Dr. Andersen was actively involved with horses – riding and showing. She chose to spend most of her weekends and evenings with her two horses, enjoying the freedom and excitement she felt while out riding and jumping. After high school, Dr. Andersen majored in biology at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. There she met her husband, Craig. He introduced her to the North Shore. His hometown is Tofte, MN and she fell in love with the area. Veterinary school took her to Edinburgh, Scotland for four years, where she discovered her passion for companion animal medicine. Scotland was an amazing experience; however Minnesota was calling her home.

Dr. Andersen’s interests include: cooking, hiking, canoeing, camping, reading, cross country & downhill skiing, traveling, and just about anything else that can take her outdoors.

Two adorable cats were found in the fall of 2010 which were added to Dr. Andersen’s family. They are wonderful cats, who enjoy spending time on the deck looking out on the lake, getting belly rubs, playing with toys, and using the kitty condos. One of the kitties was extra lovey/cuddly at night during Dr. Andersen’s pregnancy and the whole family recently welcomed a baby girl into their lives.