June 2021 – COVID-19 Update

Effective June 1st, we will begin to allow clients back in our facility. We will be instituting a “modified curbside visit” which will work as follows:

  • When you arrive, remain in your car and call us to let us know you have arrived.
  • We will take the patient history via the phone, as we have been with curbside care.
  • When we have finished the check-in process and an exam room is available, then we will bring you and your pet into the facility for the exam.
  • We are instituting the following rules in regard to client-present exams:
  • Masks will be required while in our facility
  • No more than two people per appointment to accompany the animal(s) into the facility (potential exception for euthanasias)
  • We ask that you not accompany your pet if you are positive for covid-19 or have symptoms consistent with covid-19

We are also happy to accommodate you if you prefer the curbside appointment and do not wish to accompany your pet into the building. We will continue to allow for curbside appointments from now on, for those who prefer them. Also, for our brief technician appointments, we will continue the curbside model indefinitely to help conserve exam room space for our regular appointments.